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Here are some helpful resources:

A statistical fact sheet (pdf) on London Region's immigrant population.

"Immigration and the Demographic Challenge: A Statistical Survey of the Ontario Region" (pdf), CERIS-The Ontario Metropolis Centre.




  • "Services help employers find skilled immigrants" TechPulse, (as appeared in London Free Press, April 29, 2009).
  • London Free Press feature series on immigrant experiences in London Region's labour market. - January 2009.
  • "Immigrants key to labour growth", London Free Press, January 26, 2008.
  • "Immigrant skills promoted", London Free Press, February 23, 2007.



  • The LMIEC, Skills International and Mentorship for Newcomer Success were among best practices associated with employment opportunities highlighted in a province-wide review entitled "Characteristics of a Welcoming Community" published by the Welcoming Communities Initiative. Click here for full report.
  • "London 3Ts Reference Report" (pdf) - April 2009, part of the Ontario in the Creative Age project, Martin Prosperity Institute
  • "Immigration and Diversity in Canadian Cities and Communities" (pdf) - March 2009. This Federation of Canadian Municipalities report looks at 24 Canadian communities, including London.
  • EMOLTB Trends, Opportunities and Priorities Report (pdf) - March 2009. See "Increasing Diversity in the Workplace" trend.
  • Status Report on Welcoming Cultural Diversity Action Plan (pdf) - March 2008
  • London Economic Development Corporation Workforce Survey (pdf) - August 2007. This employer survey found that 60% of respondents experienced difficulty filling positions and/or compromised their requirements as a result. 10% decided against expansion in London because of difficulty finding staff.
  • Welcoming Cultural Diversity Action Plan (pdf) - Spring 2006
  • "Can Immigration Compensate for Below-Replacement Fertility?: The Consequences of the Unbalanced Settlement of Immigrants in Canadian Cities, 2001-2051" (pdf) by Deb Matthews - 2006.
  • Creative Cities Task Force Final Report (pdf) - April 2005
  • "Voices for Change: Making Use of Immigrant Skills to Strengthen the City of London" (pdf) - October 2003


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