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Mentorship Opportunities

The LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment program brings together internationally trained individuals with local volunteer mentors at London area companies.   

Sign-up as a mentor today and hear from participating mentors to learn more about the many opportunities to get involved:

  • Mentorship Matches - Volunteer mentors are matched with a newcomer in their professional field through a 1:1 match.  These mentors volunteer several hours a month over a 4 month period.   Ongoing support is provided to both the mentee and mentor throughout the partnership.
  • Group Mentoring Sessions - Organized by industry sector, these sessions bring together approximately 9 mentees and 3 mentors.   Mentors can participate in one or more sessions per year and can also connect with other mentors through quarterly exchanges.
  • Peer Mentorship Matches - Skilled immigrants that have found employment in their field are placed in short-term matches with job-seeking newcomers.  Peer Mentors are also invited to connect with other peer mentors and mentees through quarterly exchanges.

Benefits of Mentorship

  • Strengthen leadership and coaching skills
  • Improve inter-cultural awareness
  • Expand communication skills
  • Gain an international perspective on your field or occupation
  • Spot talent for potential recruitment - before your competition


  • Be a professional with at least three years of London Region experience.   Newcomers that have recently reconnected with their field are also invited to participate as Peer Mentors.
  • Be knowledgeable about your industry sector and some of the skills required to gain employment in that sector.
  • Be willing to develop an awareness of the challenges newcomers face or willing to share your experiences navigating London's labour market as a newcomer professional yourself.

Mentor Sign-Up

Sign-up as a Mentor today to learn more about these programs. The Mentorship Program Coordinator will schedule a time to meet with you and provide an orientation into our range of mentorship opportunities.  

Click here to view our updated list of individuals currently seeking a Mentor (by profession).

For further information, please contact the LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment team at or 519-663-0774.